Disposable Face Towel



60pcs Disposable Face Towel

Made by non-woven fabrics, 20* 20CM. The component is 100% viscose (natural fiber mainly plant). The face towel fits comfortably on the face without any irritation. It has super toughness, and it will not be torn after being soaked in hot water. It is additive-free, without any brightening fluorescent additives, and the colors are all natural primary colors.

Main material: non-woven fabrics of 100% viscose
Size: 200*200 mm
Pieces: 60pcs
Weight per package: 180g

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Production capacity

100,000-level air purification workshop

Youni company has advanced wet wipes production lines, disposable face towel production lines, and tissue production lines, to produce domestic and foreign orders.

In wet wipes production lines, the air purification workshops are 100000- level, and the EDI pure water purification equipments are quite intelligent.

Youni company has constant-temperature workshops, and all of them are equipped with automated production and testing equipments, providing to standardize production and increase efficiency.

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