About Us


About Us

Wet Wipes Supplier, Direct Factory

hejiang Youni Care Products Technology Co., LTD is dedicated to the production of wet wipes, cleaning wipes, tissues, disposable face towels and other personal care products.

Youni company was founded in Tongxiang, Zhejiang in 2021. It is located in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle of Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Hangzhou. At present, the marketing headquarters is located in Hangzhou.


Quality First, Customer First

Youni company respects and protects intellectual property. Currently, the company has four major brands: YOUNI, BEIDEDD, NONOJI and ZHIJUE. These brands' products are highly recognized by customers.

Youni company implements the concept of 'quality first, customer first' and strives to achieve one of the most trusted brand in the minds of customers.

Production capacity

100,000-level air purification workshop

Youni company has advanced wet wipes production lines, disposable face towel production lines, and tissue production lines, to produce domestic and foreign orders.

In wet wipes production lines, the air purification workshops are 100000- level, and the EDI pure water purification equipments are quite intelligent.

Youni company has constant-temperature workshops, and all of them are equipped with automated production and testing equipments, providing to standardize production and increase efficiency.