What are wet wipes used for?

What are wet wipes used for?

Wet wipes are moist paper towels used to wipe the skin. Wet tissue paper on the market can be roughly divided into two categories: one type has been sterilized itself, but cannot sterilize other items. It contains skin care ingredients and can only be used for skin moisturizing and maintenance. The other type is disinfectant wipes that are not only disinfected themselves, but also disinfect other items. They can be used for disinfection or sterilization of skin abrasions, scratches, etc. When purchasing wet tissue paper, be sure to see the functional positioning of the wet tissue paper.

Efficacy and use

Cleansing, disinfection, antibacterial, moisturizing

Baby Cleansing, Adult Cleansing, Makeup Remover, Skin Moisturizer, Sunscreen Application, Household Cleaning & Polishing, Surface Disinfection, Antibacterial Wipes

Product Categories

The types of wet tissue paper mainly include ordinary type, special for babies, special for women, makeup remover, other personal use and wet wipes.


After eating and going to the toilet, you can directly wipe your hands with a wet paper towel to play a cleaning role.

For people who love cleanliness, they can wipe and disinfect with wet paper towels before using public items, such as steering wheels, door handles, and desks.

If there is an accident such as falling or scratching when going out, you can wipe the area around the wound with a disinfectant wet tissue for preliminary disinfection to prevent secondary infection.

In summer, the weather is hot and easy to sweat. You can also use a wet tissue to wipe the armpit and other places to remove the odor.

When shoes, furniture, etc. are covered with too much dust, gently wipe off the dust with a damp paper towel. Can achieve very good cleaning effect.